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Zard 2>1 Version Headers Kit BMW R nineT MPN - ZBMW525SCR-17

Zard 2>1 Version Headers Kit BMW R nineT MPN - ZBMW525SCR-17
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Zard 2>1 Version Headers Kit BMW R nineT MPN - ZBMW525SCR-17
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  • Model: zard-2-1-version-headers-kit-bmw-r-ninet-mpn-zbmw525scr-17
  • MPN: ZBMW525SCR-17

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Zard Products Are The Perfect Combination Between Craftmanship And Technology. We Use High Quality Raw Materials: From Stainless Steel (Aisi 304) Tubes And Plate To Titanium And Carbon Fiber. Every Single Exhaust Is Realized By Out Qualified Welders And Tested On The Road And On Standard Rolling Test Bench. The Black Ceramic Coating Resists Till 1000°c. Zard Men Follow Every Production Process With A Very Keen Attention And Authentic Passion

Features :  

  • Steel Silencer Racing With Removable Db Killer R80 Version
  • Original Silencer Weight: 4,4 Kg
  • Zard Silencer Weight: 2,5 Kg
  • The Installation Of Zard Exhaust Does Not Imply Any Modification To Ecu.
  • The Box Includes All Parts For The Fitment Of Zard Exhaust.
  • Hard Increase, Compared To The Original Exhaust System.
  • Astonishing Sound.
  • Compatibility Models: Bmw R Nine-t, Bmw R Nine-t Pure, Bmw R Nine-t Urban G/s
  • Notice:  Zard Could Reserve The Right To Change And/or Replace
  • Some Aesthetic Deatails. Images Has To Be Considered

For Indicative Purpose.

Fitment : 

  • BMW R nineT 2017
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