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Xpd X-Zero R Boots - Black

Xpd X-Zero R Boots - Black
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Xpd X-Zero R Boots - Black
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XPD X-Zero R: The ideal product for sport use and naked motorcycles.

  •  External microfiber, 1.2 mm thick.
  •  Mesh net with high abrasion resistance.
  • Reinforced area made of polyurethane on heel, malleouls, slider area with shift padding.
  • Vented area on heel.
  •  Reinforced support on tip and heel.
  •  Polyurethane slider and shift padding.
  •  Air Tech plantar increases sweat dispersion.
  • Micrometric fast clip closure.
  • Composite insole.
  • Rounded, anti skid racing, oriented functional sole made of vulcanized rubber.
  • Three-dimensional inner mesh for easier transpiration.
  •  Diagonal heel design keeps ideal foot positioning on bike pads.
  •  Reflex areas.
  •  Rear band for easy wearing.
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