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Xpd X-Two Boots - White

Xpd X-Two Boots - White
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Xpd X-Two Boots - White
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XPD XP3-S is the fastest and most comfortable boots in the XPD World The evolution in the "3" series, this racing boot is ideal for mid to high level sport riders. With interchangeable slider, polyurethane shields and a solid chassis this is a race ready, performing boot good also for sport touring.

  • Soft polyurethane fastening band for increases grip on leathers
  • Calf adjustment by velcro flap
  • Fastening zipper
  • Shin/heel area vents with additional vents over shin area
  • Stainless steel sliders
  • AirTech arch support coupled with three - dimensional inner mesh for ideal sweat dispersion
  • Nylon innersole prevents crushing and puncturing
  • Vulcanized rubber sole with racing engraving and slider - friendly rounded edges
  • Diagonal heel design keeps ideal foot positioning on bike pads
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