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Xpd X-Goodwood Boots - Black

Xpd X-Goodwood Boots - Black
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Xpd X-Goodwood Boots - Black
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XPD X-Goodwood boots have a pure biker style combined with safety elements such as ankle protectors and high resistance leather.

  • Upper: full-grain cow leather, thickness 1.2 / 1.4 mm, with oiled water resistant treatment. 
  • Lining: full-grain calf leather, breathable, 0.4mm thick 
  • Sole and comfort foot bed in full-grain calf breathable leather. 
  • Brushed metal zip, pitch 8mm YKK 
  • Vulcanized rubber sole, mapping classic "trek" design. 
  • Welt leather on the perimeter of the sole.
  • YKK high-slip metal zip, quick opening and closing. 
  • Strings with wax treatment. 
  • Rear shoehorn strap.
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