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X-Lite X-551 GT Kalahari N-Com Metal White Dual Sport Helmet

X-Lite X-551 GT Kalahari N-Com Metal White Dual Sport Helmet
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X-Lite X-551 GT Kalahari N-Com Metal White Dual Sport Helmet
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  • Model: x-lite-x-551-gt-kalahari-n-com-metal-white-helmet

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  • X-551 is transformed into X-551 GT (Gran Turismo).
  • The use of latest generation fabrics for the manufacture of the new comfort padding Touring Performance and review of the pillows, which have a different setting, are the basis of a significant improvement in terms of fit and wearability.
  • Also scrupulous attention to aesthetic details. Designed for riders of motard and street enduro motorbikes but also performs perfectly in the use of gravel, the X-551 GT is available in three sizes of outer shell and can be used in its full configuration or without peak, or even without a visor.
  • It is characterized by the visor perfectly integrated with the design of the product for the sunscreen VPS (Vision Protection System) Internal and effective ventilation system. The large visor, designed for the use of the helmet on dirt roads, provides adequate protection from the sun.
  • The X-551 GT is finally equipped with a retention system with double rings (DD-ring) and prepared for the communication system N-Com X-Series BX4 PLUS.

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