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X-Lite X-403 GT Elegance N-Com Metal White Modular Helmet

X-Lite X-403 GT Elegance N-Com Metal White Modular Helmet
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X-Lite X-403 GT Elegance N-Com Metal White Modular Helmet
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  • X-403 GT is the new crossover of X-lite dedicated first and foremost to the Gran Turismo. 
  • The innovative side plates made of polycarbonate Lexan , a characteristic, strongly characterize the aesthetics of this new model, making it very recognizable. Size and weight are, however, Content. 
  • Available in three sizes of outer shell X-403 GT features a removable chin guard (complete with snorkel) that passed the homologation tests required by the ECE regulations for full-face helmets helmet is, therefore, approved in dual configuration P / J. 
  • The comfort padding Performance Touring is packed with rich fabrics, selected with the same concerns taken to the X-lite helmets last generation. 
  • The excellent fit and the fit of the helmet are also valued by a scrupulous attention to aesthetic details. 
  • X-403 GT is also characterized by the ventilation system (TVS Touring Ventilation System), from the large peak and the sunscreen VPS (Vision Protection System) Internal adjustable in various positions. 
  • Completing the product retention system with double rings (DD-ring) and the preparation for the communication system N-Com X-Series BX4 PLUS.

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