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X-Lite X-201 Ultra Carbon Puro Flat Carbon Open Face Helmet

X-Lite X-201 Ultra Carbon Puro Flat Carbon Open Face Helmet
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X-Lite X-201 Ultra Carbon Puro Flat Carbon Open Face Helmet
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  • X-201 ULTRA CARBON is the new vintage-inspired jet helmet featuring an ultra-light carbon fibre shell. Three outer shell sizes and unmatched look, associated with an incredibly low weight. 
  • Five snap buttons on the outer shell to fix visors and/or peaks, additional metallic enhancements and leather finishing for the inner padding further embellish this new model. 
  • X-201 is characterized by its limited volume and supreme comfort. 
  • The inner padding is the perfect blend of the vintage look with modern functionality, completely removable and made from highly-absorbent fabrics with a micro-perforated liner. 
  • Finally, it features a flap with a groove for glasses.
  • COMPOSITE OUTER FIBRE SHELL: It is made of sophisticated materials such as Carbon,Kevlar and glass which guarantee very high performances.

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