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Termignoni Homologated Exhaust Scream Adv BMW R 1200 GS Black Line MPN - BW1508040IBC

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Termignoni Homologated Exhaust Scream Adv BMW R 1200 GS Black Line MPN - BW1508040IBC

Fitment Information :
  • BMW R 1200 GS (2017 - 2018)

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  • Model: termignoni-homologated-exhaust-for-bmw-r-1200-gs-bw1508040ibc
  • MPN: bw1508040ibc

Termignoni Suggest The Homologated Exhaust, Designed By “scream Adv” For BMW R 1200 GS (2017-2018) Design And Suitable

Termignoni Homologated Exhaust Scream Adv Bmw R 1200 Gs Black Line Mpn - Bw1508040ibc With Double Exit Have Been Specially Designed To Blend Perfectly With The Design Of The Bmw Gs And Give It A Racing And Aggressive Look.

The Exclusivity Of The Model Is Guaranteed By The Quality Of The Materials From The Stainless Steel Black Coating Shirt In Glossy Carbon Fiber As Well As The Heat Shield Included In The Kit Supplied With The System.

The Silencer Compared To The Original System Offers A Reduce Of Weight Of 1 Kg.

Product Features:

  • Weight-optimized
  • CNC black anodized rear cap
  • Military grade stainless steel
  • It increases Performance and torque 
  • Sporty sonorous sound
Fitment Information :

  • Termignoni Homologated Slip On Exhaust For BMW R 1200 GS (2017 - 2018)

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