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Spidi Waterproof Jacket - Combat Evo II H2Out Black

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Spidi Waterproof Jacket - Combat Evo II H2Out Black
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SPIDI Combat Evo II represents one of the most technical pieces in SPIDI's urban riding collection. This ultimate all-weather coat features an high-resistance external 3-layers fabric that provides maximum waterproofness, high breathability and long durability. Combat Evo II is dedicated to urban motorcycle and scooters riders who understand the importance of safety and comfort, even with lowest temperatures.


  • Arrangement for back protector CE Lev.1 Z54 Multitech removable protectors CE certified EN 1612-1:2012 shoulders and elbows protectors


  • Removable lining with wadding 100 gr. Neck filled with goose down Waterproof, windproof and breathable H2Out garment


  • Detachable hood Waterproof inside pocket Average weight 2,0 Kg Two jackets in one


  • Zip to reduce volumes


  • Wash by hand below 40 °C - Do not bleach - Drip line drying - Iron at maximum sole plate temperature (110 °C) - Do not dry clean - Do not wring
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