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Spidi Leather Gloves - Carbo Track Black White

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Spidi Leather Gloves - Carbo Track Black White
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Carbo Track represents Spidi's excellence in the field of racing gloves. The result of 35 years of evolution, Carbo Track combines excellent fit and riding sensitivity with the highest levels of protection. This is the glove choosed by our riders competing in the major World Championships.

  • Warrior shields on external hand side Side of hand padding Palm padding Keramide reinforced back Knuckle dynamic kinematic protection Back of hand padding High resistance Keramide fabric palm support Ergonomic silicone-based highly shock-absorbing material


    • Average weight 0,4 Kg


    • Wristband adjustment and wrist closure Glove s sleeve double fastening


    • Do not Wash - Do not bleach - Do not tumble dry - Line drying in the shade - Do not iron - Do not dry clean - Do not wring
    Dispatch Time5-10 Business days*

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