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Spidi Leather Gloves - Carbo 4 Black Orange

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Spidi Leather Gloves - Carbo 4 Black Orange
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SPIDI Carbo 4 are premium goat leather gloves, developed by the Safety Lab to achieve the EN 13594:2015 certification. Its design encompasses the most important technical features, needed for riding on track and for road use.

  • Palm padding Back of hand padding Side of hand padding Reinforcements with Warrior technology applied on the palm PPE motorcycle protective glove certified EN 13594: 2015Lev. 1


    • Average weight 0,3 Kg


    • Wristband adjustment and wrist closure Accordion


    • Do not Wash - Do not bleach - Do not tumble dry - Line drying in the shade - Do not iron - Do not dry clean - Do not wring
    Dispatch Time5-10 Business days*

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