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SIDI Vortice Air Racing Boots - Black Black

SIDI Vortice Air Racing Boots - Black Black
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SIDI Vortice Air Racing Boots - Black Black
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When Constructing Most Of Sidi Boots, Sidi Uses A New Generation Material Called “technomicro”. Technomicro Is A Composite Microfiber Material Created From Strands That Are So Fine, Each One Is Less Than One Thousand  The Thickness Of Silk. These Fibers Act Like Natural Leather Skin, But With The Advantage Of Better Strength, Softer Texture And Lighter Weight. Technomicro Is Also Water Resistant, Highly Resistant To Abrasion And Tearing And Is Easy To Clean And Maintain. Technomicro Doesn’t Stain And Offers Reduced Weight, More Flexibility And A Better Feel Than Leather Or Other Synthetic Material Boots


  • Technomicro Microfibre


  • Lined With Air Teflon Mesh


  • Rubber Sole With Removable Insert


  • Replaceable Shin Plate
  • Zipper Elastic Panel
  • Tecno Calf Tensioner
  • Tecno Shin Tensioner
  • Tecno Instep Tensioner
  • Ankle Support Braces With Ankle Joint
  • Side And Slider Air Ventilation System
  • Slider With Alloy Insert
  • Shock Absorbing Heel Cup
  • Nylon Inner Sole With Removable Arch Support
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