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SIDI Vertigo Racing Boots - Black Black

SIDI Vertigo Racing Boots - Black Black
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SIDI Vertigo Racing Boots - Black Black
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  • Model: sidi-vertigo-racing-boots-black-black

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Full Grain Microfibre With Very Similar Characteristics To The Genuine Leather. Full Grain Microfiber Is Not Affected By Aging And All Its Features Are Meant To Be Long-lasting. Lighter Of Leather It Has Very High Mechanical Properties Outstanding Tensile Strength, Tear Resistance And Flexing Endurance. It Maintains Its Softness Independently From The Exposition To Every Temperature. Full Grain Microfibre Is Stabil, Breathable And Water Repellent. More Resistant Than Leather.


  • Technomicro Microfibre


  • Lined With Air Teflon Mesh


  • Rubber Top Sole


  • Fixed Shin Plate
  • Zipper Elastic Panel
  • Tecno Vr System
  • Air Ventilation System
  • Shock Absorbing Heel Cup
  • Replaceable Toe Slider
  • Nylon Inner Sole With Removable Arch Support.
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