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SIDI Adventure 2 Gore-Tex Touring Boots - Brown

SIDI Adventure 2 Gore-Tex Touring Boots - Brown
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SIDI Adventure 2 Gore-Tex Touring Boots - Brown
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Full Grain Microfibre With Very Similar Characteristics To The Genuine Leather. Full Grain Microfiber Is Not Affected By Aging And All Its Features Are Meant To Be Long-lasting. Lighter Of Leather It Has Very High Mechanical Properties Outstanding Tensile Strength, Tear Resistance And Flexing Endurance. It Maintains Its Softness Independently From The Exposition To Every Temperature. Full Grain Microfibre Is Stabil, Breathable And Water Repellent. More Resistant Than Leather.

 The Gore-tex® Membrane Is At The Heart Of All Products Engineered With Gore-tex® Fabrics. It Contains Over 1.4 Billion Microscopic Pores Per Square Cm (9 Billion Pores Per Square Inch). These Pores Are 20,000 Times Smaller Than A Water Droplet, But 700 Times Larger Than A Water Vapor Molecule. Water From The Outside Will Never Penetrate. Yet Perspiration Can Escape Easily, So That Less Moisture Is Trapped In The Insulation. The Result: You Stay Warmer When It’s Cold And Drier When You Perspire.


  • Full Grain Microfibre And Suede


  • Lined With Gore-tex Waterproof-breathable Membrane


  • Non Slip Rubber Sole


  • Pu Shin Plate
  • Velcro Strap Closure And Two Buckles
  • Inner Gaiter
  • Plastic Support On The Ankle Area
  • Flex System
  • Elastic Panel On The Calf Area
  • Back Reflective Inserts
  • Nylon Inner Sole With Removable Arch Support
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