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Shoei X-Spirit 3 Marquez Motegi3 TC-2 Full Face Helmet

Shoei X-Spirit 3 Marquez Motegi3 TC-2 Full Face Helmet
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Shoei X-Spirit 3 Marquez Motegi3 TC-2 Full Face Helmet
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  • Model: shoei-x-spirit-3-marquez-motegi3-tc-2-full-face-helmet

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  • When Going Flat Out On A Motogp Bike, You Do Not Have Any Time To Take Care About Issues With Your Helmet. This Was One Of The Main Targets During The Development Of The X-spirit Iii. The Helmet Should Be Perfect For Racing, And Nothing Else. 
  • With The Extreme Ventilation Performance And The Highly Sophisticated Aerodynamic System, The X-spirit Iii Is Your Perfect Companion To Take The Top Place On The Podium.
  • The New Interior System Corresponds To A Riding Position In A Sharp Forward-bent Posture.
  • Space Around Mouth Is Enlarged To Ease Breathing Difficulty Or Locked Up Feeling.
  • Shoei Adjustable Inner System Makes It Possible To Adjust Wearing Angle Of Helmet Corresponding To Riding Position.
  • Cheek Pad Ventilation System, Newly Developed Interiors, Exhausts Hot Air In Cheek Area.
  • 2-d Car-f Shield Where Tear-off Film And Pinlock® Sheet Can Be Equipped Is Standardized.
  • Tear-off Hook Makes Adjustment Of Tear-off Film Easy Equipping Pinlock® Sheet.
  • Double Shield Lock Mechanism Avoids Unexpected Opening Of A Shield In An Accident.
  • 6 Air Intakes And 6 Outlets Are Located Effectively To Improve Ventilation System.
  • Modular Center Pad Makes Adjustment Of Interiors Easy Corresponding To Head Shape Of Each Rider.
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