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Shoei RJ Platinum-R Matt Black Open Face Helmet

Shoei RJ Platinum-R Matt Black Open Face Helmet
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Shoei RJ Platinum-R Matt Black Open Face Helmet
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  • Model: shoei-rj-platinum-r-matt-black-open-face-helmet

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  • You Won’t Miss Anything With The Rj Platinum-r, And It Makes No Difference If You’re In 
  • Urban Surroundings Or Impressive Natural Landscapes. The Rj Platinum-r's Panorama 
  • Effect Takes You Into A New Dimension Of Biking. And By The Way, The J-wing Also 
  • Has A Very Stylish Design.
  • Detachable And Washable 3d Centre Pad
  • For Perfect Fit And Easy Cleaning.
  • Detachable And Washable Cheek Pads With Groove
  • For Spectacles For Better Care.
  • Detachable And Washable Chin Strap Cover
  • For Better Care.
  • Large Recess Close To The Ear
  • Simplifies The Installation Of Intercom Systems.
  • Additional Collar Underneath The Helmet
  • To Reduce Noise.
  • Detachable Shield

Note : Helmet images with different visors shown here for display purpose only , All Helmet comes stock clear visor. Any Other Visor has to be bought separately.

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