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Shoei Neotec II Blue Matt Modular Helmet

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Shoei Neotec II Blue Matt Modular Helmet

Shoei Matt Blue Neotec 2 Modular Helmet Online India.

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  • Model: shoei-neotec-ii-blue-matt-modular-helmet

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Shoei Matt Blue Neotec 2 Modular Helmet Online India.

  • Deflector Prevents Wind Ingress, Maximum Noise Reduction, Optimum Wearing Comfort
  • Prepared For Sena Communication System:
  • Perfectly Integrated Into The Helmet, No Protruding Operating Unit
  • 3 Different Outer Shell Constructions, Ultra Lightweight By Innovative Shell Moulding Technology, Wind Tunnel Developed For Perfect Aerodynamics
  • Innovative Two-stage Locking System In Opened State Allows P/j Double Homologation, Stainless Steel Pivot Locking System
  • Completely New Design, Specially Shaped For Optimum Sealing, Minimized Optical Distortions
  • Ogranic And Multi-composite Fibres In Various Layers For A Shock-absorbent Shell With Optimum Rigidity. 
  • Optimized Protection Through Eps Elements With Different Shock Absorbing Levels
  • Fast And Easy To Change
  • Easy To Use And Always Perfectly Adjusted
  • For Safe Locking Of The Face Cover
  • Homologated As Jet And Integral Helmet
  • For Better Care And Individual Adjustment
  • For Ease Of Cleaning
  • Developed By Sena And Specifically Designed For Neotec Ii, Distributed And Marketed By Sena Exclusively
  • For Optimum Ventilation Performance
  • Provide Maximum Ventilation Performance
  • To Extract Warm Air
  • Through Newly Developed Air Intakes
  • For Optimized Aero Dynamical Performance
  • Active Noise Cancelling 
  • Relaxed Ride Through Less Turbulences

Note : Helmet images with different visors shown here for display purpose only , All Helmet comes stock clear visor. Any Other Visor has to be bought separately.

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