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Shoei J-Cruise II Adagio TC-6 White Open Face Helmet

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Shoei J-Cruise II Adagio TC-6 White Open Face Helmet
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  • Model: shoei-j-cruise-ii-adagio-tc-6-white-open-face-helmet

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  • Riding Heat Is Directly Linked To Rider Fatigue. Ventilation Performance That Ventilates The Inside Of The Helmet And Relieves Heat Is A Very Important Factor That Riders Demand For Helmets. 
  • J-cruise Ii Conducted Repeated Wind Tunnel Experiments With Its Own Large Wind Tunnel Test Facility, And Thoroughly Investigated Ventilation Performance. 
  • The Upper Air Intake Has One Intake Hole, And The Amount Of Wind Flowing Into The Helmet Is 30% Higher Than The Previous Model. In Addition, The Top Outlet Verified Various Part Shapes And Verified The Shape With The Highest Exhaust Efficiency. As A Result, The Number Of Outlet Holes Was The Same As The Previous Model, But The Displacement Was Improved By More Than 20%.
  • (Comparison Of Reference Values ​​measured At Our Large Wind Tunnel Experimental Facility)
  • The Shape Of The Center Inside The Top Air Outlet Has Been Verified With A Variety Of Large-scale Wind Tunnel Equipment, And The Shape With The Highest Ventilation Effect Has Been Adopted. (Patent Pending)
  • Equipped With A Shield Lock At The Lower Left End Of The Shield To Prevent Unintentional Opening Of The Shield. It Is A Simple And Reliable Locking Mechanism That Locks The Shield By Closing It Completely And Simply Opens It While Pushing The Lower Left End Of The Shield From The Inside.
  • By Pulling Out Both Levers On Both Sides Of The Eyeport, You Can Work Smoothly When The Sun Visor Is Removed. 
  • * Be Sure To Lower The Lever And Remove The Lock Except When The Sun Visor Is Removed.
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