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Shoei EX-Zero Equation TC-10 Full Face Helmet

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Shoei EX-Zero Equation TC-10 Full Face Helmet
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  • Model: shoei-ex-zero-equation-tc-10-full-face-helmet

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  • The Opening And Closing Inner Sun Visor, Which Was The First Shoei Full-face Helmet, Uses "Qsv-1" Made Of Injection-molded Polycarbonate. 
  • This Sun Visor With Low Distortion Has A High Performance Enough To Meet The European Sunglasses Standard En1836. Moreover, The Mechanism Which Holds An Operation Lever In A Sun Visor Storing Position Is Adopted So That A Sun Visor May Not Come Down Unexpectedly. Tunnels That Appear Suddenly, Dazzling Summer Sunlight, Winter West Days, Nighttime Travel, Etc. The Environment Where Riders Meet In Touring Destinations Varies. Equipped With An Openable Inner Sun Visor, It Is Possible To Respond Instantly To The Surrounding Environment That Changes Constantly During Such Riding, Contributing To Further Safety Rides.
  • Silent Performance That Has Been Trained Through Repeated Tests At Our Large Wind Tunnel Facility. In Order To Reduce The Fatigue Caused By Noise, Which Tends To Be Noticeable Especially When Running For A Long Time, The Cap Body With Excellent Aerodynamics, The Interior That Does Not Create An Extra Gap By Fitting Snugly, The Sound Due To The Flow Of Air Was Conscious The Quiet Performance Of The Entire Helmet Is Improved By Paying Close Attention To Each Part, Such As Ventilation. In Addition, The Included Chin Curtain Provides A Solid Windproof Effect, Contributing To Further Noise Reduction.
  • The Pinlock® Evo Lens, Which Is A Reassuring Ally For Riders, Is Provided As A Standard Feature By Ensuring Good Visibility By Suppressing 
  • The Fogging Of The Shield, Which Is Likely To Occur In Bad Weather Such As Rainy Weather And Low Temperatures. Boasts High Anti-fogging Performance Due To The Heat Insulation Effect Of A Special Sheet Attached To The Inside Of The Shield. 
  • The Seat, Which Is Enlarged Compared To The Conventional One, Is The Same As That For Cw-1, Which Is Also Used In The Shoei Highest Peak Racing Model X-twelve. Cover The Top Of The Shield Firmly. As With The Shield, The Easily Removable Seat Is Easy To Maintain.
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