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Shoei GT-Air Luminous White Full Face Helmet

Shoei GT-Air Luminous White Full Face Helmet
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Shoei GT-Air Luminous White Full Face Helmet
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Shoei Luminous White GT AIR Full Face Helmet Online Free Shipping in India.

  • Drenched in innovative features, the SHOEI GT-Air facilitates easier adaptation to the ever-changing conditions that lie ahead. 
  • The convenient flip-down internal sun shield, free-flowing yet easily adjustable ventilation system, superior aerodynamics, and Pinlock® EVO fog-resistant system ensure greater comfort and performance than ever before. 
  • It’s one thing to be a great-looking helmet, but quite another to also boast the functionality and performance to put a smile on any rider's face.
  • Motorcycle riding is the most intense way to experience your own movement. 
  • Every sense is flooded with impressions. The new Shoei GT-Air with it´s perfect functions and features gives you the possibility to explore this Experience even more. 
  • Enjoy an exceptionally riding experience and the stunning esthetics of the new Shoei GT-Air.
  • For SHOEI full-face helmet, the opening-and-closing inner sun visor, which was adopted for the first time, is made of injection molded polycarbonate "QSV-1" Adopted. 
  • This sun visor with little distortion has high performance enough to conform to EN 1836 which is the European sunglass standard. 
  • Suddenly appearing tunnels, dazzling summer sunshine, winter sunrise, night driving ... the environment the riders meet at touring destinations varies. 
  • Equipped with opening and closing inner sun visor, we can respond instantaneously to the surrounding environment that changes constantly during such riding, contributing to further safety ride.
  • Ventilation adopts a structure that opens and closes Large by moving each Shutter so that opening and closing operations can be performed easily even while doing Gloves. 
  • Front Ventilation of Large type introduces outside air efficiently and also has the function of discharging hot air around Shield. 
  • RearOutlet is designed considering attitude and angle at the time of Riding. 
  • In addition, it is possible to purely pursue ventilation efficiency by setting it as Parts independent from Spoiler, and you have the ability to effectively discharge inside Helmet's inside out.

Note : Helmet images with different visors shown here for display purpose only , All Helmet comes stock clear visor. Any Other Visor has to be bought separately.

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