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Shoei GT-Air 2 White Full Face Helmet

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Shoei GT-Air 2 White Full Face Helmet
Ex Tax: ₹37,500
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  • Model: shoei-gt-air-2-white-full-face-helmet

Available Options

  • Organic Fiber” And „multi Composite Fiber” In Various Layers For A Shock Absorbent Shell With Optimum Rigidity
  • Eps-linersystem With Different Densities
  • Optimised Protection Through Eps Elements With Different Shock Absorbing Levels
  • Mist Retardant Cns-1 Pinlock® Visor
  • Fast And Easy To Chang
  • Micro Ratchet System
  • Made From Stainless Steel
  • Easy To Handle, Always Perfectly Adjusted
  • Wearing Comfort
  • Qsv-2 Sun Visor
  • Din En1836 Approved
  • Increased Shading Area
  • 3 Different Outer Shell Constructions
  • For Perfect Fit And Compact Dimensions 1) Xs-m, 2) L, 3) Xl-xxl
  • 3d Centre Pad, Detachable, Washable
  • For Pleasant Wearing Comfort
  • Cheek Pads Detachable, Washable
  • For Better Care And Individual Adjustment
  • Chinstrap Cover Detachable, Washable
  • Easy To Maintain And Clean
  • Ear Pads
  • To Reduce Noise
  • Prepared For Intercom Installation
  • Specially Designed To Integrate The Sena Srl2 Communication System
  • Ventilation
  • Multiple Venting And Extraction
  • For Optimum Ventilation Performance
  • Inlets At The Upper Head And Chin
  • Fresh Air Supply Guaranteed
  • Outlets At The Rear And Neck

Note : Helmet images with different visors shown here for display purpose only , All Helmet comes stock clear visor. Any Other Visor has to be bought separately.

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