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Shark Spartan Replica Zarco Malaysian GP Anthracite White Red Full Face Helmet

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Shark Spartan Replica Zarco Malaysian GP Anthracite White Red Full Face Helmet
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The new benchmark for Sport GT helmets

The SPARTAN GT, our brand new full-face helmet made of fibers, benefits from the latest innovations and the historical know-how of SHARK.

The combination of layers of fibers and carbon, combined with multi-density EPS, offers the highest level of protection.

The SPARTAN GT surpasses the limits in terms of safety and comfort in order to meet the expectations of the most demanding drivers.

Structure & Safety:

  • Cap made of carbon fibers and multiaxial glass fibers
  • 2 shell sizes for optimal morphological adjustment
  • Double-D loop
  • Multi-density EPS
  • "Shark Emergency Remove System" allowing rapid disassembly of the interior of the helmet in an emergency


  • Optical class 1 screen with variable thicknesses, anti-scratch treatment
  • Pinlock Max Vision® supplied in the box
  • New ergonomic screen locking system with air mesh position
  • Screen movement "ultra-soft"
  • Sun visor labeled UV380 and treated anti-scratch
  • Quick-release system of the screen


  • ALVEOTECH textile with antimicrobial properties labeled SANITIZED®
  • Interior removable and machine washable (max 30 °)
  • 3D morpho cheeks
  • EasyFit system: optimal comfort for spectacle wearers
  • Anti-swirl flap
  • Anti-fog mask
  • The site dedicated to the Sharktooth® intercom

Aerodynamics & Ventilation:

  • 2 air inlets
  • 2 air extractors with ON / OFF position
  • Aerodynamics optimized by CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) studies
  • Lateral visor attachments "SHARK skin" to the aerodynamic profile favoring passive noise reduction.


  • Carbon Skin


  • New packaging made from 100% recyclable materials
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