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Shark Skwal 2 Replica Oliveira Black Blue Yellow Full Face Helmet

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Shark Skwal 2 Replica Oliveira Black Blue Yellow Full Face Helmet
Ex Tax: ₹24,600
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  • Model: shark-skwal-2-replica-black-blue-yellow-full-face-helmet

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  • Constructed From Injected Thermoplastic Resin
  • With 3 Enbedded Leds
  • Pinlock Maxvision Visor A Standard Feature
  • Visor Can Be Fitted With A Pinlock Max Vision® Film Insert
  • Quick Release Visor Syste
  • Autoseal" System: Flattens The Visor Onto The Helmet, Offers Better Soundproofing And Seals The Helmet (Against Water And Cold)
  • Integrated Uv380 Label & Anti-scratch Sun Visor
  • Optimal Comfort For The Persons Wearing Glasses
  • Micro Lock Buckle System
  • Planned Location
  • Interior Bamboo Treatment For Triple Effectiveness: Antibacterial, Anti-sweating And Hypoallergenic
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