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Shark Race-R Pro Blank Black Full Face Helmet

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Shark Race-R Pro Blank Black Full Face Helmet
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  • Model: shark-race-r-pro-blank-black-helmet

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  • An "Optics 1" category flat visor without any visual distortion thanks to a variable thickness (4.2 / 2.8 mm).
  • Double back spoiler to ensure both aerodynamics and stability at high speed.
  • Optimized visor mechanism featuring notching and quick disassembly.
  • Weight: 1 250g (Taille M+/- 50g)
  • Made of carbon fibre.
  • Two shell sizes for a better fit to each size.
  • Efficient ventilation system with 6 air inlets (1 on the chin bar with 3 positions and anti-pollution filter, 3 on the front, 2 on the top) and 7 extractors.
  • Optimisation of the Venturi effect.
  • Double blade spoiler to counteract high speed aerodynamic force and gain stability (CFD: Computational Fluid Dynamics).
  • Optical class 1 clear screen with variable densities (2.8 mm at the edges and 4.25 mm in the centre); offering a perfect optical quality. With external anti-scratch and internal anti-fog treatment.
  • The screen has four anchor points with safety block (technology patented by Shark).
  • Quick release visor system.
  • Side pads optimised for persons wearing glasses. (Easy Fit system patented by Shark).
  • Interior padding thermoformed with anti-allergy treatment, removable, washable and micro-aerated.
  • Neoprene padding on the neck; offers elasticity and is water resistant.
  • Removable breath guard.
  • Double D-ring magnetic strap.
  • Predisposition for installing Sharktooth intercom system (not included).
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