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Shark EvoLine Series3 Shazer Mat Black Yellow Silver Modular Helmet

Shark EvoLine Series3 Shazer Mat Black Yellow Silver Modular Helmet
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  • Model: shark-evoline-series3-shazer-mat-black-yellow-silver-helmet
  • First flexible of the market to receive the double homologation integral / jet 
  • System auto-up: allows the screen to rise automatically during the passage of integral with jet 
  • Aerodynamic as effective in jet position as in position integral
  • Weight: 1,715g (Size M +/- 50g)
  • Made of injected TIS-Lexan resin.
  • Semi-automatic, simultaneous chin bar and screen opening.
  • Clear screen with external anti-scratch and internal anti-fog treatment.
  • Quick release visor system.
  • Inner anti-scratch sun visor (UV380).
  • Side pads optimised for persons wearing glasses. (Easy Fit system patented by Shark).
  • Comfortable interior with high quality fibres, removable and washable.
  • Micro lock buckle system.
  • Predisposition for installing Sharktooth® intercom system (not included).
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