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Shark Drak Blank Black Mat Open Face Helmet

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Shark Drak Blank Black Mat Open Face Helmet
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  • Model: shark-drak-blank-black-mat-helmet

Available Options

  • Goggle with double anti-fog and anti-scratch screen by Carl Zeiss, world leader in optical quality.
  • Optimized digital simulation (CFD) ventilation, air extractors on the upper part to ensure maximum ventilation. 
  • Slim fit cap specially designed to closely match the shape of the skull
  • Weight: 1,050g (Size M +/- 50g)
  • Manufactured in fiberglass.  
  • Two shell sizes for a better fit to each size.   
  • Visor detachable via snap buttons.  
  • Face protector mask
  • Side entrances for better audition.
  • Detachable and washable interior.
  • Design of the side padding optimised for wearers of glasses (Easy Fit System patented by Shark). 
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