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Schuberth SR2 Wildcard Red Full Face Helmet

Schuberth SR2 Wildcard Red Full Face Helmet
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Schuberth SR2 Wildcard Red Full Face Helmet
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  • Model: schuberth-sr2-wildcard-red-helmet

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    • The new SR2 by Schuberth offers its driver everything required to be more concentrated, more relaxed and therefore safer on the road. 
    • An improved spoiler ensures that the head stays calm in the wind. 
    • The new visor out of Formula 1 development creates clarity in every situation. No matter what type of road is in front of you.
    • Improved spoiler - improved aerodynamics.
    • A new breath deflector is perfectly integrated into the new SR2 ventilation system. Increased amounts of fresh air and an improved concept for the removal of exhaled air make for the best possible circulation.
    • Due to its simplicity, reliability and safety, the double D-lock is the lock used and stipulated in racing.
    • The double D-lock easy and precise adjustment of the chin strap and it stays reliably in place.
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