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Schuberth M1 Flux Yellow Open Face Helmet

Schuberth M1 Flux Yellow Open Face Helmet
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Schuberth M1 Flux Yellow Open Face Helmet
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  • Model: schuberth-m1-flux-yellow-helmet

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    • The jet helmet M1 sets the highest standards for comfort and safety.
    • The colour and equipment of the M1 can be adapted in to the most individual requirements.
    • Inspired by passionate motorcyclists - equipped with the proven safety technology by SCHUBERTH.
    • Hard on the Outside and Safe on the Inside.
    • Fibreglass with a special resin is pressed into the shape of an extremely high strength helmet shell under high temperature and high pressure.
    • The inner lining of the M1 is entirely seamless. Five ergonomically formed cushions are fitted for optimal comfort. Your skin is nestled in carefully selected textiles.
    • Breathable, antibacterial and certified by Ökotex.
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