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Schuberth E1 Glossy White Modular Helmet

Schuberth E1 Glossy White Modular Helmet
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Schuberth E1 Glossy White Modular Helmet
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Schuberth Glossy White E1 Modular Helmet Online Free Shipping in India.

The characteristics and functionality of a flip-up helmet combined with the looks and the feel of an adventure helmet.

  • The comfort of a flip-up helmet.
  • The look & feel of a modern adventure helmet.
  • The safety of a Schuberth helmet.

  • A complex air channel system on the inside of the helmet shell provides a comfortable air flow. 
    The head aeration leads the air into the helmet for circulation. The visor aeration prevents the visor screen misting-up. 
  • The large regulatable auxiliary aeration on the chin piece gives you space to breathe on demanding tours. It adds fresh air by the litre when it really counts. 
  • All SCHUBERTH visors are visors of the optical class 1. They warrant an undistorted view and are anti-scratch treated. Turbulators for noise reduction on the visor edge. The visor mechanics allow a quick exchange completely without tools. Of course the E1 features an anti-fog lens.
  • A sun visor is built into the E1 straight away. The sun visor can be extended or retracted with one move of the hand using a slider on the helmet edge. Now you can react lightning fast to sudden sun glare.
  • The chin piece of the E1 can be swivelled up as a single piece together with the visor and shield.
    The shield can be fixed in three different positions. 
    The visor can be used independently from the shield.
  • COOLMAX textiles provide a good climate on the inside of the helmet and transport moisture effectively away. This creates constantly a good climate and permanent cooling for the driver.
    Of course the inner lining is Öko-Tex 100. It can be removed easily and can be washed.
  • The E1 is stable in the wind, without pendulum effect, lift, or buffeting and on top of it is extremely quiet. 
    Apart from the adapted helmet shape, a spoiler is responsible for this streamlining. 
    It has been tested many times in the wind channel, has been improved and designed for maximum wear comfort.
  • Easy to install. Easy to control. Perfectly integrated into the helmet.
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