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Schuberth C4 Glossy Black Modular Helmet

Schuberth C4 Glossy Black Modular Helmet
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Schuberth C4 Glossy Black Modular Helmet
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    Schuberth Glossy Black C 4 Modular Helmet Online Free Shipping in India.

    • Enjoy a new modern design with a compact shape and the comfort of a flip-up helmet combined with a sleeker look.
    • The C4 impresses both at high speeds and during long touring rides.
    • The Schuberth C4 Redefines The Flip-Up Helmet and Represents the New Bench-Mark for Touring and Sports Riders with the Highest Demands.
    • For optimum Bluetooth and radio reception. Integrated antenna, pre-installed speakers and microphone.
    • Plug & play Designed for the new communication system SC1.
    • Extra-large anti-fog lens Wide field of vision even when the rider adopts a racing posture.
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