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Schuberth C4 Basic Glossy Silver Modular Helmet

Schuberth C4 Basic Glossy Silver Modular Helmet
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Schuberth C4 Basic Glossy Silver Modular Helmet
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  • The unique manufacturing methods used for helmet shells at SCHUBERTH ensure low weight while retaining optimum stability. Direct Fibre Processing (DFP) is one of SCHUBERTH’s innovations. It involves an endless spool of glass fibre being cut into pieces by a robot and blown into a mould. A precisely defined quantity of resin is added to the preform and it is then compressed at high pressure in a heated mould to create an exceptionally high-strength helmet shell.
  • The multi-part construction of the inner shell allows for outstanding force absorption, thereby enhancing safety.
  • Extra-large anti-fog lens and wide field of vision even in a sporty riding position.
  • Preventing fogging has never been so simple thanks to the attached Pinlock® anti-fog insert lens.
  • Optical class 1: visor (no distortion) with quick-change function.
  • Integrated sun visor, freely adjustable in seconds.
  • Standards redefined: revamped acoustics and fit make C4 PRO CARBON, C4 PRO and C4 BASIC the quietest and most comfortable flip-up helmets that SCHUBERTH has ever built. Thanks to optimised neck padding and noise reduction around the mechanical attachments, the C4 BASIC achieves approx. 85 dB(A) at 100 km/h on a naked motorcycle.
  • Extremely comfortable to wear thanks to seamless head padding and integrated grooves for glasses. Helmet fits safely and comfortably: the Coolmax® interior is Öko-Tex 100-certified, removable and washable.
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