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SC-Project S1 Muffler Titanium Kawasaki Z650 MPN - K25-T41T

SC-Project S1 Muffler Titanium Kawasaki Z650 MPN - K25-T41T
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SC-Project S1 Muffler Titanium Kawasaki Z650 MPN - K25-T41T
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  • Model: sc-project-s1-muffler-titanium-kawasaki-z650-k25-t41t
  • MPN: K25-T41T

The S1 Muffler Comes From The Excellence Of Made In Italy Design Together With The Technology Which Is Directly Developped In The Maximum Competitions - As Motogp And Sbk, For Which The Muffler Was Designed And Developed. The Muffler Body Is In Full Titanium With Conical Shape And The Exit End Is In Matt Carbon Fiber Of The Highest Quality.The Usage Of A Bushing In Titanium Coming From The Full Part Of The Body And Worked With Cnc Warrantys An Extreme Precision In The Mounting And A Strong Aesthetic Impact, Which Is Exalted By The Perfect T.i.g. Welding: Together With The Exit Bushing Of 70mm They Give A Further Racing Aspect To The Muffler.

The Usage Of Special Sound Attenuators In The Muffler And Of The Best Material Available In The Market Warranty A Long Life To The Muffler And The Best Performance. The Muffler Is Equipped With Fixed Attack And The Absence Of Muffler Clamp Exalts The Refined Aesthetic Result. The Particular Conical Shape Warrantys A Characteristic Sound - Deep And Gloomy - Distinctive Sign Of Conical Muffler. The Usage Of The Best Material Available In The Market And The Maximum Care In The Realization Make This Exhaust System A Unique Component, Extremely Technological And Highest Expression Of Made In Italy.

  • Slip-on Muffler. In The Slip-on Line The Specific Link Pipe Is Included In The Kit And It's Welded To The Muffler.
  • Link Pipe And Muffler In Full Titanium: Every Parts Of The Muffler Is Made In Titanium With T.i.g. Welding Technology
  • Carbon Fiber Protection Included.
  • Sc-project Laser Logo On The Muffler.

Fitment :

  •  Kawasaki Z650
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