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SC-Project S1 Muffler Low position Titanium Aprilia RSV4 RF / RR 2018 MPN - A18-LT41T

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SC-Project S1 Muffler Low position Titanium Aprilia RSV4 RF / RR 2018 MPN - A18-LT41T
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  • Model: sc-project-s1-muffler-titanium-aprilia-a18-lt41t
  • MPN: A18-LT41T

S1 Silencer, studied and developed for Superbike World Championship is composed by a full titanium body to give extreme lightness and guarantee the best silencer performance; the caseback is made of matt carbon fiber which gives the silencer an aggressive look and confirms its racing vocation, as other details such as the absence of the silencer holder band, the usage of a bush in titanium – CNC worked- the great T.I.G. welding, the special noise reduction components and the choice of prime material of first order, together with its powerful exit bush of 70mm.

 S1 does not foresees the presence of db-killer and this – with all the other characteristics- offers the characteristic hollow and deep sound of conical silencer

  • Slip-on silencer with laser-marked SC-Project logo.
  • Full titanium fitting
  • Springs and screws
  • Heat-resistant adhesive
  • Racing silencer with 70mm output
  • Fitting made of full titanium welded with T.I.G.

Fitment :

  • Aprilia RSV4 RF 2018
  • Aprilia RSV4 RR 2018
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