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SC-Project Oval Silencer Carbon Fiber Yamaha YZF-R3 2017-2018 MPN - Y23-12C

SC-Project Oval Silencer Carbon Fiber Yamaha YZF-R3 2017-2018 MPN - Y23-12C
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SC-Project Oval Silencer Carbon Fiber Yamaha YZF-R3 2017-2018 MPN - Y23-12C
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  • Model: sc-project-oval-silencer-carbon-fiber-yamaha-y23-12c
  • MPN: Y23-12C
The Oval Muffler Is A Muffler Of The Highest Quality And It Is Characterized By An Elliptical And Compact Structure With A Unique Design Of The Endcap In Carbon Fiber - Perfect Fusion Of Sporting And Elegant Attitude. The Body Of The Muffler Is Available In Carbon Fiber, Titanium Or Aisi Stainless Steel - In The Black Satin Model With A Rough To The Touch Finish: All Materials Are Extremely Light, Of The Highest Quality And With The Fundamental Characteristic Of Durability. The Usage Of Special Sound Attenuators Inside The Muffler Warrantys The Long Life Of The Muffler And The Break Down Of The Noise In The Long Distance Too.
The Specific Link Pipe (Built In Stainless Steel Aisi 304 With A Reduced Thickness And Proofly Cared T.i.g Weldings) Was Studied To Warranty The Highest Performance And A Perfect Coupling With The Muffler Thanks To The Usage Of A Bushing Obtained By The Full Part And Cnc Worked To Warranty An Extreme Precision In The Montage And A Notable Aesthetic Detail. Silencer Of The Hghest Qualityi Is A Perfect Fusion Between Design And Technology.
  • Slip-on Muffler. In The Slip-on Line The Specific Link Pipe Is Included In The Kit.
  • Carbon Fiber Clamp Is Included.
  • It Doesn't Need Any Added Power Unit.
  • Everything To Install The Exhaust On The Bike Is Included: 1 Muffler, 1 Link Pipe, 1 Carbon Fiber Clamp, Springs And Screws, High Temperature Stickers, Cee Homologation Card Specificfor The Motorbike Model.

Fitment :

  • Yamaha YZF-R3 2017-2018
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