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SC-Project Full Exhaust System 3-1 Stainless Steel S1 Muffler Carbon Fiber End Cap Yamaha MT-09 2017-2019 MPN - Y22A-C41T

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SC-Project Full Exhaust System 3-1 Stainless Steel S1 Muffler Carbon Fiber End Cap Yamaha MT-09 2017-2019 MPN - Y22A-C41T
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  • Model: sc-project-full-exhaust-system-3-1-yamaha-mt-09-mpn-y22a-c41t
  • MPN: Y22A-C41T

The Sc-project Complete Unit Is The Direct Result Of The Research, Development And Design Work Carried Out By The Internal R&d Department Together With The Major Motogp And Sbk Championship Teams.

Sc-project, With The Aim Of Improving Performance And Aesthetics Of The Standard Motorbike, Has Created A Complete Unit - Available In Full Titanium Or Aisi 304 Stainless Steel Versions - Compatible With The Entire Range Of Slip-on Mufflers Dedicated To The Motorbike For Which It Was Designed.

The Sc-project Complete Unit, Designed To House The Original Lambda Probe, Showcases First-class Technical Solutions: The Use Of Cnc Machined Bushings Turned From Solid Allow The Exhaust System Perfect Couplings That Make Fitting Easier And Improve System Performance; The Use Of Titanium Or Aisi 304 Stainless Steel Of Reduced Thickness Makes The System Lighter And Ensures Better Bike Rideability; The Production Of Fittings Of Variable Dimensions Guarantees A Marked Increase In Performance Both In Terms Of Torque And Maximum Power Through The Entire Bend.

The S1 Muffler, A Benchmark For The Superbike World Championship, Is Available With A Titanium Tapered Body And Matt Carbon Fibre End Cap And, Depending On The Model Of Motorcycle, With The Spectacular Titanium Flame Arrester On The Output. 

The S1 Muffler Fuses A Racing Style With Valued Technical Solutions Such As Bracket And Fitting Welding With T.i.g. Technology Or Titanium Insert Bushings Machined From Solid By Cnc Machines, Which Guarantee Impeccable Couplings. 

The S1's Tapered Body, Together With The Diameter Of The Output And The Particular Internal Soundproofing, Gives The Bike On Which It Is Fitted A Dark And Unmistakable Sound. 

  • Line Full Exhaust System 3-1
  • Body Material Titanium
  • End Cap Material Carbon
  • Db-killer Yes
  • Frame Attachment Welded Bracket
  • Lambda Probe Yes
  • Homologation – Ec, Tuv Approved Yes - Street Legal - Euro 4
  • Approval Certificate Yes
  • Power +3,6 Cv @8500 Rpm
  • Torque +2,9 Nm @8500 Rpm
  • Weight -2,4 Kg (Stock 8,6 Kg / Sc 6,2 Kg)

Fitment :

  • Yamaha MT-09  2017-2019
Dispatch Time15-25 Business Days*

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