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SC-Project Full Exhaust System SC1-R Muffler Triumph Street Triple 765 S MPN - T18-TCH90C

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SC-Project Full Exhaust System SC1-R Muffler Triumph Street Triple 765 S MPN - T18-TCH90C
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  • Model: sc-project-full-exhaust-street-triple-765-s-mpn-t18-tch90c
  • MPN: T18-TCH90C

The New Complete Exhaust System For Triumph Street Triple 765 Derives Directly From The Work Of The Sc-project Racing Department For The Moto2 World Championship.

The Great Experience In This Championship, With Three World Titles Won, Has Allowed Us To Develop A Product That Improves Both Performance And Aesthetics.

The System Is Equipped With The Housing For The Original Lambda Probe.

All The Joinings Are Made With The Use Of Insert Bushes Cnc Machined From Solid, To Provide Perfect Couplings, And Improving Performance.

The Improvement In Terms Of Weight, Combined With The More Specific Study Of Fluid Dynamics With Regard To Increased Diameters And Conical, Also Guarantees An Incredible Increase In Torque And Power With The Standard Mapping, Especially In The Most Used Rotation Regimes.

  • Line Full Exhaust System 3-1
  • Headers Material Stainless Steel / Titanium
  • Body Material Carbon / Titanium
  • End Cap Material Carbon
  • Frame Attachment Welded Bracket
  • Lambda Probe Yes
  • Db-killer Yes
  • Racing For Racing Use Only
  • Weight -6,4 Kg (Stock 9,8 Kg / Sc Titanium 3,4 Kg)
  • Weight -5,2 Kg (Stock 9,8 Kg / Sc Stainless Steel 4,6 Kg)

Fitment :

  • Triumph Street Triple 765 S  2017-2019
  • Triumph Street Triple 765 RS
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