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SC-Project CR-T Silencers Titanium Kawasaki Z1000 2017-2018 MPN - K24-36T

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SC-Project CR-T Silencers Titanium Kawasaki Z1000 2017-2018 MPN - K24-36T
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  • Model: sc-project-cr-t-silencers-titanium-kawasaki-k24-36t
  • MPN: K24-36T
The CR-T muffler made its debut in the 2013 MotoGP World Championship during the Italian GP occurred in the Mugello Circuit: it appeared on ART Aprilia of the Cardion AB Motoracing Team as official exhaust system for the 2013 MotoGP Season. A World Champion exhaust system warrantys extreme performance values, a great lightness which is the result of several prototypes, technical studies, projects and design plans acted to satisfy the most demanding requests of the best Team and Riders of MotoGp World Championship. An example are Aspar Team and Aleix Espargarò which in 2013 MotoGP season used SC-Project perfoming exhaust systems, 100% Made in Italy, for ART CRT Aprilia: they graduated World Champion and were at the first position in the Claiming Rule Team category with several placings and first results.
  • 2 Slip-on Mufflers
  • 2 Link Pipe
  • Springs and screws
  • High temperature stickers

Fitment :

  • Kawasaki Z1000 2017-2018
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