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SC-Project CR-T Muffler High Position Titanium Aprilia RSV4 RF / RR 2018 MPN - A18-HT36T

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SC-Project CR-T Muffler High Position Titanium Aprilia RSV4 RF / RR 2018 MPN - A18-HT36T
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  • Model: sc-project-cr-t-muffler-titanium-aprilia-a18-ht36t
  • MPN: A18-HT36T

CR-T silencer is the diamond tip of SC-Project range and it is a “Race Replica” silencer coming directly from the experience and victories in Moto2 Championship. The technical characteristic of this great exhaust system are: conical junctions made of titanium/steel welded through T.I.G. technology, connecting bushes in titanium coming from the full part of CNC, exclusive usage of titanium for silencer and joints, together with the highest attention to details which makes this silencer a unique component. The CR-T silencer doesn’t foresee the presence of DB-Killer.

For some motorbike models a variant with titanium flame distributor net is forecast put on the exit bush. An extreme scenographic solution which gives CR-T a racing look. CR-T silencer is the highest technological and performing expression of Made in Italy excellence in the world

  • Slip-on silencer with laser-marked SC-Project logo.
  • Full titanium link pipe
  • Springs and screws
  • Racing silencer with 70mm output
  • Fitting made of full titanium welded with T.I.G.
  • The installation of the silencer involves the elimination of the exhaust valve. For correct operation of the motorcycle, it is necessary to adapt the motorcycle electronics to an Aprilia dealer.

Fitment :

  • Aprilia RSV4 RF 2018
  • Aprilia RSV4 RR 2018
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