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SC-Project CR-T Muffler Carbon Fiber BMW S 1000 RR 2019 MPN -B33-38CR

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SC-Project CR-T Muffler Carbon Fiber BMW S 1000 RR 2019 MPN -B33-38CR
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  • Model: sc-project-cr-t-muffler-carbon-fiber-bmw-s-1000-rr-mpn-b33-38cr
  • MPN: B33-38CR
  • The S1 Muffler, A Benchmark For The Superbike World Championship, Is Available With A Titanium Tapered Body And Matt Carbon Fiber End Cap And, Depending On The Model Of Motorcycle, With The Spectacular Titanium Flame Arrester On The Output. 
  • The S1 Muffler Fuses A Racing Style With Valued Technical Solutions Such As Bracket And Fitting Welding With T.i.g. Technology Or Titanium Insert Bushings Machined From Solid By Cnc Machines, Which Guarantee Impeccable Couplings. 
  • The S1's Tapered Body, Together With The Output Diameter And The Specific Internal Soundproofing, Gives The Bike On Which It Is Fitted A Dark And Unmistakable Sound. 

Fitment :

  • BMW S 1000 RR 2019
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