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SC-Project Adventure Muffler Titanium With Carbon Fiber End Cap Triumph Tiger 800 XCX 2017-2019 MPN - T19-85T

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SC-Project Adventure Muffler Titanium With Carbon Fiber End Cap Triumph Tiger 800 XCX 2017-2019 MPN - T19-85T
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  • Model: sc-project-adventure-muffler-triumph-tiger-800-xcx-mpn-t19-85t
  • MPN: T19-85T

The Adventure Muffler Was Created Out Of The Need To Bring Sc-project's Technology And Skills Into The World Of Maxi-enduro And Sports-tourer, Is Equipped With A Titanium Body Enriched By Laser Marking With A Mud Effect That, Together With The Carbon End Cap, Recalls The Nature Of Adventure. Adventure, Also Available In The Elegant Matt Black Edition, Is Designed For The Motorcyclist Attentive To Performance And Look; The Slender And Slim Line, Compared To The Bulky And Heavy Original Mufflers Made Of Sheet Steel, Gives It An Aggressive Look In Addition To Lightness That Results In Sheer Riding Pleasure. 

The Sc-project R&d Department Has Developed An Internal Pre-chamber Muffler With Double Output To Optimise Performance, Reduce Weight And Give An Unmistakable Sound, Even In The Euro4 Approved Version. 

All The Titanium And Aisi304 Stainless Steel Parts Are T.i.g. Welded And The Insert Bushings Are Machined From Solid By Cnc Machines And Guarantee Impeccable Couplings. 

  • Code T19-85t
  • Line Slip-on
  • Body Material Titanium
  • End Cap Material Carbon
  • Frame Attachment Welded Bracket
  • Db-killer Yes
  • Homologation – Ec, Tuv Approved Yes - Street Legal - Euro 4
  • Approval Certificate Yes
  • Power +8,4 Cv @9500 Rpm
  • Torque +6,2 Nm @9500 Rpm

Fitment :

  • Triumph Tiger 800 XCX 2017-2019
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