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SC-Project Adventure Muffler Titanium BMW R 1200 GS 2013-2018 MPN - B26-86T

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SC-Project Adventure Muffler Titanium BMW R 1200 GS 2013-2018 MPN - B26-86T
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  • Model: sc-project-adventure-muffler-titanium-bmw-b26-86t
  • MPN: B26-86T

The Muffler Body Is Made Of Titanium And Allows A Considerable Weight Saving In Favour Of A Better Motorbike Driveability, Whereas The End Cap With A Superimposed Double Exit Is Made Of Carbon Fiber Of The Highest Quality And Gives The Muffler An Aggressive Look With A Slimmer And More Slender Line Than The Original Bulky And Heavy Mufflers Made Of Steel Sheet. Sc-project Logo, Together With The Name Adventure Exhaust System, Is Laser Branded On The Exhaust System Body With A "Mud" Effect To Recall The Adventure Nature Of The Muffler.

The Adventure Muffler Was Created To Satisfy The Necessity To Take Sc-project Technology And Competences Into The Maxi Street Enduro And Sport Tourer World. It Was Thought For Customers Who Are Attentive To Details Such As Look And Performance; The Adventure Muffler Was Directly Realized By Sc-project R&d Department, Which Studied An Internal System With Separated Resonance Chambers And Double Perforated Pipe To Optimize Performance Both In Maximum Power And Engine Torque, To Guarantee An Unmistakable Fullbodied Sound, Real And Proper Distinctive Sign Of Sc-project's Products.

  • Slip-on Silencer 
  • Carbon Fiber Protection Included 
  • Springs And Screws 
  • High Temperature Stickers 
  • Official Sc-project Warranty 24 Months 
  • Cee Homologation Card Specific For The Motorbike Model

Fitment :

  • BMW R 1200 GS 2013-2018
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