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Rev'it Watson Jacket - Black

Rev'it Watson Jacket - Black
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Rev'it Watson Jacket - Black
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The Watson Offers Instant Chic To Anyone Looking For A Timeless Overcoat That Is Motorcycle-ready. The Polycotton 2l Outer Shell Takes Picks Up Little To No Water While Sporting An Endlessly Stylish Look. To Ensure 100% Waterproofing We've Incorporated Our Renown Hydratex® Membrane That Also Offers Necessary Breathability. Our Highly Flexible, Ce-rated Seesmart™ Limb Protectors Come Standard To Keep You Safe And Are Upgradable With Our Ce-level 2 Seesoft™ Back Protector Insert. For Those Rides In The Dark We've Added Subtle Yet Highly Visible Laminated Reflection At The Back, Making Sure You Remain Safe Day And Night. Sizes S-xxl

  • Polycotton 2l Outer Layer
  • Detachable Full-length Inner Thermal Liner
  • Hydratex Waterproof And Breathable Membrane
  • Seesmart Level-1 Shoulder And Elbow Armour
  • Pocket For Optional Seesoft Level 2 Back Protector
  • Laminated Reflective Strip On The Back
  • Sturdy Zip Closure With Leather Pull For Glove Operation
  • Multiple Flaps Covering The Zip With Poppers For Wind-protection
  • Adjustable Tab At The Collar
  • Back Split With Popper
  • Double-stitched Seams
  • Zipped Outer Pockets
  • Napoleon Pocket
  • Inner Phone Pocket
  • Zipped Inner Pocket

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