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Rev'it Sand Urban Jacket - Black

Rev'it Sand Urban Jacket - Black
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Rev'it Sand Urban Jacket - Black
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The Sand 3 Lives Up To Its Versatile, Swiss Army Knife Reputation. Its Utilitarian Character Is Second To None, Starting With Its Tough Outer Shell, Which Is Made Of Polyester Ripstop And Pwr | Shell, Ready To Take On Outdoor Adventures. From The Outside In, You’ll Find The Highly Breathable And Detachable Hydratex® 3l Membrane To Warrant A 100% Waterproof Jacket When Installed. The Detachable Thermal Liner Further Expands The Use Of The Sand 3, Even In Colder Conditions. Taking Into Account The Extreme Use And Abuse It Withstands When Developing The Sand 3, We Prepared It For Both The Leatt And Moveo Neck Brace, Our Challenger Cooling Vest, And Our Highly Visible Vest Connector Hv
  • Vcs Stands For Ventilation Control System. Vcs Zippers, When Open, Allow Air To Flow Through The Jacket To Help Cool The Body.
  • The Sand 3 Jacket Embodies This Concept To The Extreme Long Vcs Zippers Are Placed On The Jacket Torso, Sleeves And Back. 
  • The Airflow Can Be Regulated By Opening Or Closing Them.

3-LAYER :  The Sand 3 Jacket Has A 3-layer Configuration.
  • The Outer Shell
  • A Waterproof Lining And 
  • A Thermal Liner. 

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