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Rev'it Pioneer Outdry Boots - Black

Rev'it Pioneer Outdry Boots - Black
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Rev'it Pioneer Outdry Boots - Black
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Equipped With The Latest Modern Features The Pioneer Outdry Boots Distinguish Themselves From All Other Adventure Boots On The Market. The Laminated Outdry® Provides 100% Waterproofing And Eliminates Any Water Pick Up. The Combined Expertise Of The Italian Company Vibram® And Our In-house Developers Led To The Birth Of The Revolutionary Vibram® Apex Sole. This Sole Has Been Specifically Developed For Adventure Motorcycling But Offers The Comfort Of A Trekking Boot. The Fast And Convenient Boa® Closure Creates A Perfect Fit With The Simple Turn Of A Knob. The Reinforced Areas At The Heel, Toes And Ankle Combined With Impact Reducing Sections At The Shin And Abrasion Resistant Outer Materials Allow This Boot To Provide Safety Without Sacrificing Comfort. Sizes 38-47


  • Outer Shell Suede Leather Rubber Full Grain Cowhide Cordura® 500d
  • Waterproofing & Breathability Outdry®
  • Protection Thermoformed Heel Cup Thermoformed Toecap Injected Ankle Cup
  • Visibility Reflection At Heel
  • Composition Uppers 80% Leather, 10% Polyamide, 10% Rubber, Soles 100% Rubber, 30% Polyamide

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