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Rev'it Lane Jacket - Black

Rev'it Lane Jacket - Black
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Rev'it Lane Jacket - Black
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To Give The Naples Jacket Its Unique Look And Feel, We Selected A Drum Dyed Semi Aniline Cowhide Outer Shell To Portray That Perfect Appearance. By Applying Various Waxes To The Leather, And Then Using A Heat Treatment, The Hide Sports An Incredibly Soft Feel And An Elegant Exterior. Furthermore, By Balancing The Materials With Intricate Design Details, Like The Asymmetric Angular Front Pocket, The Jacket Is Together Modern And Timeless. Both The Body And The Sleeves Are Tailored, And Thanks To Our Extremely Thin Seesmart™ Ce-level 1 Protectors, The Silhouette Does Not Get Disrupted Like With Conventional Bulky Protectors. As A Result, The Naples Jacket Wears Like A Stylish, Casual Jacket While You Stay Protected. Optionally, You Can Upgrade The Protection By Installing Our Seesoft™ Ce-level 2 Back Protector. Thanks To The Detachable Thermal Liner, You Can Also Enjoy The Comfort And Safety Of The Naples On Those Chilly Morning Rides. Sizes M46-58


  • Outer Shell Drum Dyed Semi Aniline Cowhide
  • Insulation Detachable Thermal Liner
  • Protection Seesmart™ Ce-level 1 Protection  |  Prepared For Seesoft™ Ce-level 2 Back Protector Insert - Type Rv  |  Safety Stitching
  • Composition 100% Leathe


  • Fit City Fit  |  Regular
  • Features Short Connection Zipper  |  Jeans Loop  |  V-flap At Cuff
  • Pockets Slit Pockets  |  Document Pocket  |  Inner Pockets

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