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Rev'it Defender Pro Gtx Pants - Black

Rev'it Defender Pro Gtx Pants - Black
Rev'it Defender Pro Gtx Pants - Black
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Rev'it Defender Pro Gtx Pants - Black
Rev'it Defender Pro Gtx Pants - Black
Rev'it Defender Pro Gtx Pants - Black
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When You Start Traveling You Create New Experiences That Sometimes Go Beyond Your Imagination. With That Thought We've Designed The Defender Pro Gtx Trousers – We've Tried To Go Beyond Imagination And Created The Most Versatile Trousers Ever. It Is Not Just A 2 Layer Construction As We've Chosen The Best Materials And Membrane To Be Incorporated Whereas The Outer Shell Is Strong And Abrasion Resistant. The Adjustment Options Are Endless As Even The Ce Certified Protectors Come In Adjustable Protector Pockets. Furthermore These Trousers Are Equipped With Ventilation Zippers, Grip Panels, Long And Short Connection Zippers, And Plenty Of Adjustment Straps All Incorporated For Your Convenience When On The Road. Sizes S-xyl Std., M-xyl Short, M-xxl Long


  • Outershell Pwr|shell 750d With Teflon® Coating Pwr shell 1000d With Teflon Coating
  • Pwr hell 500d Stretch Leather Panels  Sure Grip
  • Wp Detachable Gore-tex® Liner With Micro Grid Backer Technology
  • Protection Seeflex™ Level 2 Ce Protection  Tryonic Seesoft™ Ce-level 1 Type B Hip Protector, Version Rv01
  • Pwr|shell 1000d With Teflon® Coating  |  Safety Seams
  • Visibility Laminated Reflection
  • Composition 100% Polyamide

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