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Remus Rsc Muffler Carbon For KTM RC 200 MPN - 0544482 651514

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Remus Rsc Muffler Carbon For KTM RC 200 MPN - 0544482 651514

Fitment Information :
  • KTM RC 200 2014 >
  • KTM DUKE 200 2012 >

Ex Tax: ₹45,300
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  • Model: remus-rsc-muffler-carbon-for-ktm-rc-200-0544482-651514
  • MPN: 0544482-651514

Remus Rsc Muffler Carbon For KTM RC 200 MPN - 0544482 651514

All The Expus Gained By Remus In Years Of Competitions And Commitment Both In The Car And Motorbike World, Made Available For The Creation Of Unique Products.Use Of Top

Quality Materials, Top Finishes And Precision In Manufacturing Are The Basis For Obtaining Long-lasting Products, Aesthetically Beautiful And With Excellent Performance.
Notice: The exhaust system has an EEC compliance, but is only authorised for road use in combination with the plug-in catalytic converter!
Features :
  • Weight-optimized
  • High grade stainless steel
  • Performance and torque increase
  • Sporty, sonorous sound

Fitment Information :

  • Remus Slip On Exhaust For KTM RC 200 2014 >
  • Remus Slip On Exhaust For KTM DUKE 200 2012 >

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