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Nolan N60-5 Sport Flat Black Full Face Helmet

Nolan N60-5 Sport Flat Black Full Face Helmet
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Nolan N60-5 Sport Flat Black Full Face Helmet
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  • Model: nolan-n60-5-sport-flat-black-helmet

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  • This is Nolan’s new entry-level full-face road helmet which maintains and enriches the much-appreciated technical characteristics of its predecessor, the N64.
  • The sport-inspired design, ample technological specifications and the wide range of graphics available make the N60-5 an interesting product for those looking for an essential and versatile full-face road helmet.
  • Supplied Pinlock®. The exclusive “Airbooster Technology” upper system ensures optimal ventilation where the rider’s head most most requires.
  • The cheek pads have removable inner padding.
  • Exclusive system designed for the comfort of eyeglass wearers.
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