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Nolan N44 Evo Viewpoint N-Com Corsa Red Modular Helmet

Nolan N44 Evo Viewpoint N-Com Corsa Red Modular Helmet
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Nolan N44 Evo Viewpoint N-Com Corsa Red Modular Helmet
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  • The N44 EVO is the evolution of the N44 model, the top-of-the-range crossover helmet by Nolan, now enriched with new comfort padding which, because of the technical and aesthetic solutions adopted, appears to be a close relative to the lining which equips the N104 ABSOLUTE.
  • Produced in two outer shell sizes, the N44 EVO is able to meet the needs of the most experienced rider, both in summer and winter, in cities and on out-of-town excursions.
  • Highly appreciated are the wide visor and the ventilation system, characterised by the presence of the tested Airbooster Technology.
  • N44 EVO is also equipped with a VPS sunscreen with UV 400 protection, Microlock2 (patent pending) double lever retention system, set up for the N-Com communication system and the innovative ESS (Emergency Stop Signal).
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