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Nolan N21 Visor Joie De Vivre Flat Cayman Blue Jet Helmet

Nolan N21 Visor Joie De Vivre Flat Cayman Blue Jet Helmet
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Nolan N21 Visor Joie De Vivre Flat Cayman Blue Jet Helmet
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  • Model: nolan-n21-visor-joie-de-vivre-flat-cayman-blue-helmet

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  • N21 enriches of the visor shaped and very opaque, becoming the N21 VISOR, a product suitable for use both national and extra-urban.
  • The sun shield VPS (Vision Protection System) vanishes inside the shell, giving it a distinctive appearance while containing and sizes.
  • The streamlined shape of the dome is inspired by the vintage, the latest trend for all ages, while presenting clean, modern lines.
  • Several color combinations including padding, border cover, edge profiles VPS and side cover plates allow you to get multiple manifestations aesthetic of classic and vintage. Woven fabrics of excellent quality for the interior, available in three variants.
  • Treated in detail, the padding is designed to offer the lightness typical of a jet helmet and at the same time, the enveloping her in a full-face helmet.
  • Completing the product system Microlock retention and ring to secure the helmet to the motorcycle (Helmet Lock Ring).
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